Experiential marketing has been a part of the advertising industry for a long time. However, the current advanced technology has revolutionized this marketing strategy and made it the backbone of numerous branding plans. Being much more than event marketing, experiential marketing is all about engaging your customers with your offerings or brand. So you want to promote your new fall line of clothing? Instead of just putting them in your storefront, hold a fashion show to make it an experience.

How Experiential Marketing Works

Experiential marketing incorporates different elements of logic, emotions, and the overall thought process to get linked with customers. The objective of this form of marketing is to create the link in such a manner that the buyer reacts to the offering both emotionally and rationally. After all, what would really influence you to make a purchase – trying the product out yourself or watching an ad about it?

A simple comparison would be a person in a mall walking past an advertisement for ice cream, compared to a friendly group of experiential marketers handing out samples. Which would entice you more? 

When compared to other advertising campaigns, experiential marketing typically communicates on a more personal basis. This greater emotional engagement leads to higher conversion rates at a reasonable cost. What’s more, experiential marketing events can vary from high profile celebrity functions to a carnival at a local market.

Why Choose Experiential Marketing?

Wonder if experiential marketing events can take your brand to great heights? This strategy has become an important component of most marketing plans.

The saturation of media channels has reduced the efficiency of conventional advertising methods. Consumers are no longer attracted to traditional TV and radio commercials. They can spot print advertisements and know how to mentally see past them. They usually ignore or block internet advertisements and don’t pay much attention to loads of promotional messages they come across on a daily basis.

In such conditions, experiential marketing tactics can prove to be a great help. It’s a special communication channel that consumers wouldn’t want to ignore. After all, it doesn’t bombard them with promotional content, but engages their attention on a personal level. Here are a few other benefits that this branding strategy can offer you:

- Create customer relationships
- Augment loyalty
- Boost brand awareness
- Encourage product or service trial
- Ensure constructive word of mouth
- A direct means to reach a target audience
- Generate product desire

Experiential Marketing & Promotions