Trade Shows

Walking Billboards are the next generation of mobile advertising. You can promote your business with great impact using our mobile displays. Our Walking Billboards are an effective way to get your message across to many people at once. From high traffic street corners, shopping centers to fairs and festivals, our Walking Billboards bring your message to the streets and directly to your consumer. 
 Walking Billboard Ambassadors walk throughout planned target areas, wearing your message to communicate directly to your prospective customers. Our brand ambassadors can distribute fliers, samples or other promotional items to enhance your campaign. 

​Our Walking Billboards are innovative, dynamic, effective, environmentally friendly and definitely memorable. With audio and animated LED screen capabilities, as well as large backlit display areas, our friendly and enthusiastic promotions team will get you noticed day or night!


City Streets

We can support your efforts to launch new products and services to instantly grab the attention of the media and your target audience, helping to deliver a lasting impression long after your event has finished.

Product Launches

Concerts & Festivals

We provide an important benefit of providing access to pedestrianised areas, which means we can target busy city streets or events, creating maximum awareness of your campaign.

All of our Walking Billboard campaigns are managed by a campaign manager to ensure the best results.

We hire, train, manage and pay all of the promotional staff leaving you with zero liability, we take care of everything.

Say goodbye to the traditional sign waivers and say hello 
to the next generation...

​Walking Billboards!

Experiential Marketing & Promotions

Want to have the crowds flock to your stand? Get the advantage and stand out from your competitors by using our mobile walking billboards to grab their attention and point them to your stand.

We can engage with consumers and expose your brand to your target audience in locations they choose to be, while they are in a positive frame of mind at major sporting events or attractions.

Shopping Centers

Sporting Events

Advertising on our walking billboards around busy shopping centers enables your brand to stand out from the crowd, impacting your audience when they are most interested in buying.

Concerts and Music festivals are a great place to interact with your target audience, allowing you to engage with them during an experience they will never forget.