Experiential Marketing & Promotions

You can show up where you are least expected, surprising consumers with the depth and breadth of your product, or publicize the mobile tour to ensure maximum customer interaction. Expose your brand to busy commuters, students on campus and weekend shoppers. A mobile marketing vehicle can include promotional environments like listening stations, Video Commercials, tented destination or beverage sampling setups that can get your product to people in the places where they live, work, and play.

Sample your products into offices with a business to business office product sampling campaign targeting office workers during their daily work. We can supply both tactical (cold visits) or static office (pre-arranged) product sampling activity within business locations. We have built the relationships and trust with local businesses to offer our unrestricted sampling services and have employees asking and wondering what we are offering next. 

Product Sampling

Sampling is the only Shopper Marketing tactic that engages all five senses at the point-of-purchase (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste). This sensory experience engages a shopper emotionally. Then, 360 MarketPro trained Sales Advisors and Brand Ambassadors are there to close the sale. This is the power of product sampling and explains the tactic's rise to be the most effective retail sales and marketing tool for item introductions, and increased trial and adoption by new customers.‚Äč 

We can perform Product Sampling at your location, city events, carnivals, shopping center parking lots, businesses, beaches and more. We take your business to the streets and get your products in the hands of the consumer!

The Power Of Product Sampling

Business to Business Sampling

Mobile Street Tream Sampling