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Mobile Advertising Has the lowest cpm and a stunning 97% recall rate!

Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising

  •  Grab the attention of potential customers with our Mobile Video Cube. 
     Still HD Graphics, Full Motion HD Video, External Sound, Radio & Bluetooth Marketing.
  • Cost effective - Lowest advertising CPM available.  Mobile Media Advertising is less expensive than the cost of bus or truck wrapping, internet, radio, print, newspaper, magazine, or television.  Because we operate with HD video and printing costs have been eliminated giving you more direct advertising dollars.Get the most effective return for every dollar that you spend. 
  • Build brand awareness with our unique and revolutionary Mobile Video Cube Billboards and Complementary Advertising Tools.
  • Get your brand in front of 1,000's of faces daily. 
  • More effective than TV, Print, Bus or Truck wrapping, magazines, Television, Radio, or the Internet.  Think...Manhattan, and Times Square Billboards on Wheels.
  • Unique - Stand out - Create memorable brand recognition and experiences.

  • Dynamic and Exciting to watch. Your audience will never forget seeing your Mobile advertising campaign driving down the road. (Take a second to think about that) Add Sound, Video, FM Radio, Bluetooth Phone Marketing or a Street Team. 
  • Our routes or yours. Hire us for a Shared Route or your own Custom Route, Public or Private Parties, Grand Openings, Parades, Political Functions, Schools, Camps, Music Video or Movie promotions. The possibilities are limitless.

We give you the opportunity to take your advertising message to key markets where traditional outdoor advertising is limited or just nonexistent. Our Mobile Video Cube can take your advertising campaign on the road, we are in heavy traffic in the morning and rush hour at night.

We drive traffic to your business by being seen by thousands of people every day....in traffic, on the sidewalk, at the shopping mall, supermarket, restaurants, beaches, work, the possibilities are endless!

Our Mobile Video Cube is a self-contained mobile outdoor digital advertising billboard capable of delivering video advertising including commercials, movie trailers, video game previews, or other branded digital video content to thousands of consumers. We get stuck in the morning, evening and lunchtime traffic and make stops at the busiest malls,shopping centers and intersections.

The Mobile Video Cube delivers outdoor digital video billboard advertising to target locations. It is equipped with Speakers and an FM Transmitter to deliver audio messages to on lookers and consumers in their vehicles.

Mobile Video Cube advertising campaigns can be enhanced with vehicle wraps, street teams, P.A. audio and interactive elements including live video feeds.

The Mobile Video Cube is available for daily dedicated and shared mobile billboard advertising. It also available for any event from fairs, expos, gaming to private parties. Wherever you want to be, we will take you there!

​Contact us today to learn more about our Mobile Video Billboard daily and special event advertising.

Outdoor Mobile Video advertising is the perfect way to reach people where they live, work and play. We travel to your audience and create new advertising spaces where they haven't existed before.

​Promote your business with our Mobile Video billboard advertising services. We have the most innovative solutions to capture and captivate the eyes of your potential customers.

                         Get noticed today!
Mobile Video Adertising